The Pharmacovigilance Committee was reconstituted 18.04.2019
Sl.No Name
2Prof. M.R Pattanaik, Professor, Pul. Medicine
3Prof. Tushar Jyoti Kumar Kar, Professor, O & G
4Prof. S.K. Behera, HOD. ENT
5Prof. Deba Prasad Mohanty, Prof. Anaesthesiology
6Prof. Pratima Kumari Sahu, HOD, Biochemistry
7Prof. Lity Mohanty, HOD, Pathology
8Prof. Krishna Kar, HOD, Community Medicine
9Prof. J.K Das, Principal, SCB Dental College & Hospital
10Prof. Surya Narayan Das, Prof. & HOD,Dept. of O.P & M,SCB Dental College& Hospital
11Prof. Trupti Rekha Swain,Prof. Pharmacolgy
12Prof. Dr. Jayanta Panda,Professor,Medicine
13Prof. Harekrushna Majhi, Professor,Surgery
14Prof. Jayant Biswal,prof. Surgery
15Dr. C.K. Mishra, Assoc. Prof. Cardiology
16President, Students' Union
Composition of Modified Institutional Ethics Committee of SCB Medical College, Cuttack-753007, Odisha, India
1Chairperson:Hon’ble Shri Justice Subhas Chandra Parija, Retired Judge, Odisha High Court
2Dean & Principal, SCBMCH Prof. Datteswar Hota
2Member Secretary, IEC, PROF & HOD Dermatology, SCBMCHProf. Prasenjeet Mohanty
3Asst. Member Secretary, IEC, Prof.& HOD, Medicine, SCBMCHProf. Jayanta Kumar Panda
4Pro, HOD, Surgery, SCBMCHProf. Bana Bihari Mishra
5Convenor, IEC, Assoc. Prof., Pharmacology, SCBMCHDr. Priti Das
6Adll Prof. PaediatricsDr. Bhagirathi Dwibedi
7Assoc. Prof.Pathology, SCBMCHDr. Asaranti Kar
8Assoc. Prof. Biochemistry, SCBMCH, CuttackDr. Roma Ratan
9Asst. Prof., Cardiology,SCBMCHDr. Dipak Ranjan Das
10Prof.& Head, Public Health Dentistry, SCB Dental College & HospitalDr. Hema Malini Rath
11Advocate, Odisha High Court, CuttackShri Sambit Kar
12Senior lecture & HOD, Sociology, BB Autonomous Mahavidyalaya, Chandikhol, Jajpur.Mrs. Sujata Senapati
13CuttackShri Purna Chandra Sahoo

As per direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India an Anti-Ragging Flying Squad Committee for this institution is constituted with immediate effect. The committee is constituted with four groups of the following members.

Flying squads may be designated on day to day basis up to 90 days from today a Professor, Associate Professor & Assistant Professor to make rounds of the hostels and physically verify the attendance of 1st year students in their room and to detect ant incidence of ragging in the hostels.

GROUP-AMobile No.E-Mail Id
Prof. Nirmal Chandra Mohapatra, HOD,
Dr. D.N. Mishra, Assoc.
Dr. Dilleswari Pradhan Assoc. Prof.-
Dr. Devi Kalyan, Assoc. Prof., Comm
Dr. Sasmita Behuria, Assoc. Prof., O &
Dr. Sudhansu Sekhar Sethy, Asst. Prof.
GROUP-BMobile No.E-Mail Id
Prof. Ajaya Mishra, HOD. Psychiatry- Co-Ordinator9437277703
Dr.Sabyasachi Panda, Assoc. Prof. - Urology
Dr. B.B. Panda, Assoc. Prof. - F.M & T
Dr. Vedavyas Mishra, Asst. Prof -Pharmacology
Dr. Saffalya Nayak, Asst. Prof. Biochemistry
Dr. Sasmita Khatua, Asst. Prof., Microbiology
GROUP-CMobile No.E-Mail Id
Prof. Surya Narayan Das, Prof. & Head, Dept. of O.P & M, SCB Dental College,Cuttack
Dr. Ranjan Kumar Sen, Assoc. Prof. Paediatrics
Dr. Narayan Prasad Modi, Assoc. Prof. Paediatrics
Dr.Sibabrata Kar, Assoc. Prof. - Surgery
Dr. Dipak Ranjan Das, Asso. Prof. - Cardiology
Dr. Rg Ashutosh Mohapatra, Asst. Prof. Orthopedics
GROUP-DMobile No.E-Mail Id
Prof. Dharitri Mohapatra,HOD,Microbiology- Co-Ordinator
Dr. Swarupa Panda, Assoc. Prof. - Paediatric
Dr. Tapas Panigrahi, Assoc. Prof.- Orthopedics
Dr. Debasish Swain, Assoc. Prof.- Anaesthesiology
Dr. Kumari Krishna Patro, Asst. Prof. - Ophthalmology
Dr. Ganeswar Das, Asst. Prof. Pul. Medicine
Prof. B.B.Mishra, Vice-Principal cum-Chairman, Anti Ragging Committee, SCB Medical College, Cuttack will decide timing of inspection of the above four Anti-ragging Flying Squad in due consultation with four group accordingly.

As per direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India an Anti-Ragging Committee for this institution is reconstituted with immediate effect. The committee is reconstituted with the following members. They are requested to remain vigilant and prevent such un-towards incidents in the Campus.

1Professor, O & GProf. Tusar Jyoti Kumar Kar
2HOD. ENTProf. S.K. Behera
3Professor, Pul. MedicineProf. M.R Pattanaik
4AnaesthesiologyProf. Deba Prasad Mohanty
5HOD, BiochemistryProf. Pratima Kumari Sahu
6HOD, PathologyProf. Lity Mohanty
7 HOD, Community MedicineProf. Krishna Kar
8Principal, SCB Dental College & HospitalProf. J.K Das
9Prof. & HOD,Dept. of O P & M,SCB Dental College&
Prof. Surya Narayan Das
10Prof., Pharmacology 11. Prof. Dr. Jayanta Panda, Professor, MedicineProf. Trupti Rekha Swain
11Professor,SurgeryProf. Parikshita Dalai
12Prof. SurgeryProf.Jayant Biswal
13Assoc. Prof. CardiologyDr. C.K. Mishra
16President Student Union

As per Government of Odisha, Health and F.W. department order No. ME-I-IM-10/13. 22046/H dated 05.10.2015 the internal vigilance Committees are hereby constituted consisting with the following faculties of this college to look into the matter as per Standard operating procedure detailed below:

Medical Disciplines & All OPD
Team HeadProf. Lucy Das, Medical Superintendent
Prof. Chinmayee Mohapatra, HOD Anatomy
Prof. B.B. Mishra, Professor, Surgery
Dr. M. Mohanty, I/C HOD Community Medicine
Surgical Disciplines & Casuality
Team HeadProf. Lucy Das, Medical Superintendent
Prof. N. Chayani, HOD, Microbiology
Prof. Sashi Bhusan Rout, Professor Nephrology
Prof. B. K. Das, Professor Medicine
All laboratories including Regional Diagnostic
Centre and Departments not covered under (a) & (b)
Team HeadProf. Lucy Das, Medical Superintendent
Prof. S. N. Routray, Professor, Cardiology
Prof. M.R. Pattanaik, HOD Pulmonary Medicine
Prof. R. K. Jena, HOD Clinical Haematology
“Standard Operating procedure for internal vigilance committee shall be as follows:”

The VC will verify the daily attendance of members of the faculty and Staff. All the subordinate members of the Faculty shall sign the attendance register in front of the concerned HOD. The VC will verify the proper functioning of the Department with regard to routine and emergency work. Lapses and irregularities detected if any at any stage shall be immediately required into by the VC and reported to the Dean & Principal without fail.

Any unpleasant situation arising in any of the department shall be attended by the VC and effort should be made by them to solve the issue. The concerned HOD has to immediately informed the appropriate wing of the VC in the event of such occurrence. The VC Shall attend to any other work assigned to them by the Dean & Principal / DMET (O)/ Government, as and when required.

This should be brought to the notice of all concerned and strict adherence should be ensured to the above mentioned procedures. Any deviation shall be viewed seriously and action as deemed proper shall be initiated against the defaulters.

The internal complaints committee which was constituted earlier under Section – 4 of “The Sexual Harassment of Women at work place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013” vide this Office Order No.1854 Dt.14.02.2022 is re-constituted with the following members to guard against the sexual harassment of women, for the prevention and redressal of complaints and the matters connected therewith or incidental there to in S.C.B. Medical College Hospital, Cuttack with immediate effect, vide this office Order No.13069/Dt.15.11.2023.
Sl.NoNameDesignationMobile NoEmail ID
1Prof. (Dr.) Lucy Das, Professor, O&GPresiding
2Prof. (Dr.) Smita Mahapatra, Prof. &HOD, Transfusion
3Prof.(Dr.) Saroj Kumar Tripathy, Professor,
4Dr. Abinash Rout, Registrar (Administration) & General SuperintendentMember
5Smt. Saswata Pattnaik, Advocate, Odisha High
The Administrative Officer will deal the correspondences on behalf of the above committee. Procedure for submitting an online complaint:- Online complaint can be directly submitted to office email Id i.e.
Prof.(Dr.)Datteswar Hota ,Chairman
Prof. B. B. Pradhan, HOD PhysiologyVice-chairman
Prof. K. R. Mohapatra, Prof, O & GConvener
Prof. Jayanta Panda, HOD, MedicineMember
Prof. S. B. Rout, Professor NephrologyMember
Prof. Geeta Sahu, HOD, FMTMember
Prof. K.C. Mohapatra, Professor SurgeryMember
Prof. Maya Padhi, Professor O & GMember
Prof. S. K. Satapathy, Professor PaediatricsMember
Dr. Lity Mohanty, HOD, PathologyMember
The schedule of monthly academic activities shall be as follows for 3:00 PM onwards in the venue to be notified. 1st Tuesday – Death review 2nd Wednesday – Clinico Pathological Conference / Case Presentation 3rd Thursday – Death review 3rd Saturday – Staff Academic Meeting 4th Friday – Clinico Pathological Conference / Case Presentation The department wise schedule for the above activities would be prepared by Vice-Chairman and Convener. The annual scheduled will be published from 1st August 2015. The concerned assigned department have to prepare their presentation as per scheduled and submit the case to the Vice-Chairman. The concerned HOD should ensure that the presentation is prepared in details as per facts available. Cases to be presented for death review has to be submitted to the committee 15 days in advance. The committee members have to scrutinize them and select the cases to be presented for death review. In the death review / Clinico Pathological Conference / Case Presentation meeting, the concerned SR/Asst. Professor has to present the case. In the Staff Academic meeting, original research contribution of the department (including thesis work) and not review papers should be presented. Since Institution Academic Committee (IAC) will be conducting activities as per the MCI statutes, all the faculty members have to attend the same. Attendance should be registered department wise, 15 minutes prior to the meeting. List of faculty occupied in O.T/ OPD/ U.G. classes or on leave on that particular day is to be intimated by the concerned HOD to the Institutional Academic Committee one day prior to the meeting.
1Prof.(Dr.)Datteswar Hota , Dean & PrincipalChairman
2Dr. Geeta Sahu, HOD FMT, MEU CoordinatorCoordinator & Convenor
4Dr. Madhusmita Panda, MCI, RTC, METCo-Convenor
5Dr. K. C. Mohapatra, MCI, RTC, METFaculty
8Dr. Sarada Prasanna Swain, MCI, RTC, METFaculty
9Dr. Asaranti Kar, MCI, RTC, METFaculty
10Dr. Biswajit Das, MCI, RTC, METFaculty
2Sri D. K. SethComputer Operator
3Sri M. M. HansdaTechnician for Audiovisual Adis
4Sri Bhagaban BarikPeon
The Committee is hereby constituted with the following members for conducting regular institution academic activities as per M.C.I. statutes.
No.Name of RC/NC/collegeDate of CISP -INo. of faculty trained in preclinicalNo. of faculty trained in paraclinicalNo. of faculty trained in Medicine & alliedNo. of faculty trained in Surgery & alliedComments, if any.
1SCB MEDICAL COLLEGE, CUTTACK ODISHA04.02.19 to 05.02.191460Institutional CISP
13.03.19 to 15.03.197577
27.03.19 to 29.03.1910794
08.04.19 to 10.04.197477
24.04.19 to 26.04.1971085
2SLN Medical College & Hospital, Koraput, Odisha21.05.2019 to 23.05.20198967
3Patliputra Medical College & Hospital, Dhanbad, Jharkhand10.06.2019 to 12.06.201958107
4Fakir Mohan Medical College, Balasore, Odisha17.06.2019 to 19.06.20196877
5MKCG Medical College, Berhampur, Odisha08.05.2019 to 10.05.20196996
6MGM Medical College, Jamsedpur, Chhattisgarh20.05.2019 to 22.05.201961346
7Raipur Institute of Medical Science, Raipur27.06.2019 to 29.06.20192776
8Bhima Bhoi Medical College & Hospital, Bolangir, Odisha03.06.2019 to 05.06.201961077
9PRM Medical College & Hospital, Baripada, Odisha22.05.2019 to 24.05.20192745
10Chhattisgarh Inst. of Medical Science, Bilarpur, C.G.22.05.2019 to 24.05.201981075
11KIMS, Bhubaneswar, Odisha06.05.2019 to 08.05.201971085
12RIMS, Ranchi, Jharkhand09.05.2019 to 11.05.20199875
13Late Shri Lakhiram Agrawal Memorial21.05.2019 to 23.05.20198697
14Gauri Devi institute of Medical Science and Hospital, Durgapur, W.B.19.06.2019 to 21.06.20198618
15VIMSAR, Burla, Odisha30.04.2019 to 02.05.2019101055
16IMS & SUM Hospital, Bhubaneswar, Odisha20.05.2019 to 22.05.20199975
17Hi-Tech Medical College, Bhubaneswar, Odisah06.06.2019 to 08.06.201912855
18CM Medical College, Village- Kachandur, Durg, Chhattisgarh.18.06.2019 to 20.06.20197877
Sl.NoNameDesignation & Department
1Prof. Datteswar HotaHOD, Urology & Dean & principal
2Dr. Madhusmita PandaAssociate Professor, Anatomy & Co-convener
3Dr. Lity MohantyProfessor & HOD, Pathology
4Dr. Sriprasad MohantyAssociate Professor, Medicine
6Dr. Geeta SahuProfessor & HOD, & FMT & MEU Coordinator & Convener
1Prof. Dr. Maya Padhi, Dept. of O & GChairman
2Prof. Dr. C. Mohapatra, Dept. of AnatomyMember
3Prof. Dr. P.K. Jena, Dept. of Pediatric SurgeryMember
4Prof. Dr. Liti Mohanty, Dept. of PathologyMember
5Prof. Dr. B.B. Mishra, Dept. of SurgeryMember
6Dr. Sriprasad Mohanty, (Asso. Prof.) Dept. medicineMember
7Dr. Suhasini Dehuri,(Asso. Prof.) Dept. PharmacologyMember
The Library Committee of SCB Medical College, Cuttack is hereby reconstituted with the following members for conducting regular activities and smooth management of Central Library SCB Medical College, Cuttack. The Committe headed by the Chairman will be functioning w.e.f 19.08.2020 A.N.
1Prof. Nibedeta Pani, Professor, AnaesthesiologyChairman
2Prof. Gita Sahu, HOD, FMTVice-Chairman
3Dr. Siba Bhata Kar, Professor, Surgery Nodal Officer & In-Charge
4Dr. Madhusmita Panda, Assoc. Professor, AnatomyMember
5Dr. Sikata Nanda, Assoc. Prof.,Community Medicine Member
6Dr.Amarendra Nayak, Assoc. Prof., FMT Member
7Dr.Minakhi Mohanty, Assoc. Prof., Commnity Medicine Member
1Prof.(Dr.)Datteswar Hota , Dean and Principal S.C.B. Medical College, CuttackChairman
2Prof. Rabindra Kumar Jena, HOD Clinical HematologyVice-Chairman
3Prof. Jayanta Panda, HOD MedicineNodal Officer
4Dr. Soumyadarshan Nayak, Asst.Prof, NeurologyMember
5Dr. Soumya Ranjan Tripathy, Asst.Prof, RheumatologyMember
6Sri. Debasish PatraWeb Manager
7Sri. Atanu Kumar BaralWeb Co-Ordinator
1Prof.(Dr.)Datteswar Hota, Dean and Principal S.C.B. Medical College, CuttackChairman
2Prof. B.B. Mishra, HOD SurgeryVice-Principal
3Dr. Deepak Ranjan Das, Asst. Prof CardiologyResource Person
4Dr. Soumyadarshan Nayak, Asst. Prof NeurologyResource Person
5Dr. Soumya Ranjan Tripathy, Asst. Prof RheumatologyResource Person
6Dr. Balakrushna Samantaray, Asst. Prof OphthalmologyResource Person
7Dr. Prasanta Kumar Parida, Asst. Prof GastroenterologyResource Person
8Dr. Dipanwita Routray, Asst. Prof Community MedicineResource Person
9Dr. Manjulata Dash, Assoc. Prof Skin & VDResource Person
10Dr. Radhakanta Panigrahi, Asst. Prof O & GResource Person
11Dr. Mihir Ranjan Nayak, Assoc. Prof PsychiatryResource Person
12Dr. Upendra Kumar Das, Assoc. Prof BiochemistryResource Person
13Dr. Sibabrata Kar, Assoc. Prof SurgeryResource Person
14Dr. Asaranti Kar, Assoc. Prof PathologyResource Person
15Dr. Anup Kumar Mohapatra, Assoc. Prof Neuro surgeryResource Person
16Dr. Aruna Kumar Dash, Asst. Prof Pediatric SurgeryResource Person
17Dr. Aruna Acharya, Asst. Prof NephrologyResource Person
18Dr. Sudipta Patnaik, Assoc. Prof PhysiologyResource Person
19Dr. Satyajit Ray, Asst. Prof OrthopedicsResource Person
20Dr. Aditya Narayan Sahu, Asst. Prof MedicineResource Person
21Dr. Swarupa Panda, Assoc. Prof PediatricsResource Person
22Dr. Sibabrata Kar, Assoc. Prof SurgeryResource Person
23Dr. Pramod Kumar Mohanty, Asst. Prof Urology & Renal TransplantationResource Person
24Dr. Debasish Swain, Assoc. Prof AnesthesiologyResource Person
25Dr. Satyashree Ray, Assoc. Prof AnatomyResource Person
26Dr. Sarada Prasana Sahoo, Asst. Prof Cardiothoracic & Vascular SurgeryResource Person
27Dr. Manamohan Biswal, Asst. Professor Clinical HematologyResource Person
28Dr. Arun Kumar Mohanty, Assoc. Prof Endocrine SurgeryResource Person
29Dr. Ipsita Mishra, Asst. Prof EndocrinologyResource Person
30Dr. Suryakanta Pati, Asst. Prof Forensic Medicine And ToxicologyResource Person
31Dr. Sambit Kumar Behera, Asst. Prof Gastroenterology
Resource Person
32Dr. Sushanta Kumar Jena, Assoc. Prof HepatologyResource Person
33Dr. Bimoch Projna Paty, Assoc. Prof MicrobiologyResource Person
34Dr. Pruthwiraj Singh, Asst. Prof Plastic SurgeryResource Person
35Dr. Nrusingha Charan Dash, Asst. Prof Pulmonary MedicineResource Person
36Dr. Shantibhusan Das, Asst. Prof RadiodiagnosisResource Person
37Dr. Krishna Arpita Sahoo, Asst. Prof Otorhinolaryngology Resource Person
38Dr. Satya Prasad Samantaray, Asst. Prof Surgical GastroenterologyResource Person
39Dr. Jyoti Prakash Sahoo, Asst. Prof PharmacologyResource Person
40Dr. Smita Mahapatra, Assoc. Prof Transfusion MedicineResource Person
Sl. NoNameDesignation
1Prof.(Dr.)Datteswar Hota, Dean and Principal S.C.B. Medical College, CuttackChairman
2Prof. B.B. Mishra, HOD SurgeryVice-Principal
3Dr. Roma Ratan, Assoc. Prof BiochemistryNodal-Officer
Sl. NoNameDesignation
1Prof.(Dr.)Datteswar Hota, Dean and Principal S.C.B. Medical College, CuttackChairman
2Prof. Dr. Nirupama Chayani, HOD MicrobiologyAdvisor
3Dr. Dharitri Mohapatra, Assoc. Prof MicrobiologyNodal-Officer