Hospital Support Services

Hospital Support Services


The ‘Niramaya Scheme’ lunched in Odisha on 01st May 2015. under ‘Niramaya’ scheme , as many as 720 Medicines listed in the Emergency Drugs List, would be distributed free of cost to the patients in all the Government run Hospitals including Medical College and Hospital. There are 4 Niramaya Centres working at SCB MCH, Cuttack. Location are as described OPD , O & G, Cardiology, Casualty.


Kitchen is equipped with maximum efficiency, hygiene and to best meet the nutritional needs of the patients. Daily visit by dietician for diet planning of meal etc. for Indoor  patients.  The Dietetics and Nutrition department is committed to providing the best possible dietetics and nutritional services comprising of nutritional assessment, counselling services, and feeding recommendations to the patients.

  • The diet is provided to the indoor patient by out sourcing agency M/s Utkal Supplier.
  • The daily diet rate for general @ 85and Pediatrics Patient @ Rs.75/- per day per patient for TB patient the rate is Rs.95/- per day per patient.
  • Cooked diet is supplied 3 times i.e. breakfast (between 8 AM-8.30AM), Lunch (between 1 PM – 1.30 PM) and Dinner (between 7.30 PM to 8.00 PM).
  • The diet is supplied as per the requisition of Sister I/c of different ward.


Round the clock sanitation services is outsourced to Paritosh Services Pvt Ltd  and the sanitation work is  provided as per the protocols by the Hospital Infection Control Committee & Hospital Development Committee.


The hospital has hired the services for Security Service firms and NIRAKAR Security Pvt ltd is entrusted for security services. The security agency have provided 12 nos of  Security Supervisors 372 Security Guards 24*7. The hospital is also equipped with alarms, hospital access control and CCTVs. Fire safety devices like smoke detectors, sprinklers, fire alarms, fire safety doors, three emergency exit staircases, fire hydrant, etc.


For the supply of clean and disinfected linen for patients on a regular basis the Laundry Services is being outsourced to Mediaid Marketing Services. Special care is taken by the department and its staff to prevent cross infection.


State-of-the-art Ambulances at our hospital are equipped to handle most complex emergencies and are available to our patients 24 hrs of the day. Staffs manning these ambulances are well trained in managing emergencies in their respective fields ranging from fracture to cardiac emergencies. Battery operated patient transportation facility available 24 X 7 in our hospital for carrying the patient to the outdoor to the admitted indoor ward and indoor


The hospital provides hot water and milk for the patient and patient attendant free of cost every day (24 X 7).