Emergency Medicine is the medical specialty concerned with caring for undifferentiated and unscheduled patients with illnesses or injuries requiring immediate medical,surgical or psychiatric attention.In our role as firstline care providers, we are responsible for initiating resuscitation & stabilisation,starting investigations and interventions to diagnose and treat illnesses in the acute phase,co-ordinating care with other specialists and determining disposition regarding patient’s need for hospital admission,observation or discharge.

Goals And Objectives:-

  • To assimilate general concepts of emergency medicine, focused history taking, and physical examination skills to develop a systemic evaluation for patients presenting to the emergency department.
  • To demonstrate the ability, based on the history acquired, to do an immediate assessment and initial stabilization, followed by a complete directed examination.
  • To combine the knowledge with the history and physical examination, to develop an appropriate differential diagnosis for all presentations.
  • To demonstrate knowledge of the causes, presentation, and management of commonly presenting emergencies.
  • To perform primary and secondary survey with management of polytrauma patients effectively.
  • To demonstrate the ability to perform essential emergency procedures.
  • To be able to differentiate and place patients on care pathways which lead to appropriate discharge with follow up when needed, admission to an ED based observation unit or admission into hospital.
  • To work in the difficult and challenging environment of the Emergency Department and to be able to re-prioritize and respond to new and urgent situations.
  • To be a part of a multi-disciplinary team where good communication and interpersonal skills are essential.
  • To be able to work both within and lead a team to ensure the patient’s needs.
  • To be able to work closely with a wide variety of in-patient teams and with primary care and pre-hospital clinicians.
  • To be committed to the highest standards of care and of ethical and professional behavior within the specialty of Emergency Medicine and within the medical profession as a whole.
  • The Emergency Physician should be caring, empathetic, conscientious and practices medicine without prejudice.
  • To continually seek to improve care by utilizing up to date evidence, being committed to lifelong learning and being innovative.


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