Dr. Smita Mahapatra

Dr. Smita Mahapatra



Email: dr.smitamahapatra@gmail.com
Permanent Address: C/O- Mr NK Mishra, N-1/256, Nayapalli, IRC Village, Bhubaneswar
Correspondence Address: C/O- Mr NK Mishra, N-1/256, Nayapalli, IRC Village, Bhubaneswar
Course Name Name of PG Degree Area of Specialization/ Specialty Year of Qualifying degree Name of University / Institute
MBBS 1998 MKCG Medical College/Berhammpur University
PG Degree Pathology Immunohematology, Apheresis 2005 VSS Medical College/ sambalpur University
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  1. Designated as the State Nodal Officer,Odisha for the Convalesent Plasma Therapy( CPT) with set up of plasma bank in the Dept of transfusion Medicine, SCB MCH, Cuttack

Speaker in National Conferences:

  1. 1. Experience of NAT testing from Eastern India in TRANSMEDCON, Mumbai,2019
  2. Achievement of State of Odisha on blood transfusion services in the State of Odisha in TRANSMEDCON,Lucknow, 2017
  3. Massive transfusion protocol- what, how and how much? In National conference of O &G,2018
  4. “Developing self sustainable blood services in the State” in TRANSMEDCON, Bhopal, 2016.