Name Of The Department :

Department Of Clinical Hematology, SCB MCH, Cuttack

Departmental Overview :

  1. Hematology deals with blood diseases like Anemia, Sickle Cell Disease, Thalassaemia, Hemophilia, Platelet disorders, various cancers like Leukemia, Myelomas, Lymphomas, Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPNs) and Chronic Lympho-proliferative Disorders (CLPD) etc.
  2. 50% of Indian population suffers from Anemia. All together, these disorders constitute the max no. of diseases that are prevalent in all countries at present.
  3. Huge Importance: Can improve National productivity by 20% of if only anemia is addressed. Can reduce Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) if Anemia, SCD and Thalassaemia are taken care.
  4. Maximum advances in diagnosis and treatment field.
  5. Huge gap between the present position and need for Hematology Services in entire country including Odisha State is being narrowed down gradually by regular developments.
  6. S.C.B Medical College, Cuttack. Clinical Hematology Department as a super specialty discipline of medicine opened at SCB Medical College, Cuttack in 1972 with constant effort of Dr. Janmejaya Nayak with 5 beds (Indoor), independent OPD (2 days a week), independent laboratory.
  7. One post of register (Dr. J. Nayak got appointed as first Clinical Hematologist of the state as Register) and other paramedical / Class IV posts are created. All the investigations done in the laboratory were manual.
  8. Subsequently two more posts like Professor, Associate Professor were created. During that period D.M (Clinical Hematology) was not opened in India and Dr. Nayak did Ph.D (Hematology) from PGI, Chandigarh. After the retirement of Prof. J. Nayak, Prof. Upendra Nayak occupied the post of HOD of this department.
  9. U. Nayak retired in 2003 followed by promotion of Dr. Rabindra Kumar Jena as HOD of this department. After instruction of Hon’ble High Court of Odisha this department bed increased from 5 to 20 in 2008.
  10. In this year the departmental laboratory got equipped with automation (Five part cell counter with reticulocyte count, Automated Capillary Zone Electrophoresis, Fully Automated Coagulometer) which was for the first time in the entire Odisha state. Subsequently Immunophenotyping by Flow-cytometer and light chain assay by Binding site got added which were also first time in the entire state.
  11. In the due course other required investigations / facilities were made available. Now this laboratory provides all the required investigations (except molecular) for the diagnosis of hematological disorders including various blood cancer patients.
  12. Immunohistochemistry is available in pathology department of SCB Medical College since 2016. Other faculties of this department include Dr. Sudha Sethy, Dr. Rajeeb Nayak and Dr. Manamohan Biswal. All these developments encouraged many institutions to provide standard hematological diagnostic services in our state.


Department Started : Department Started By Whom : Current Hod :
1972 Prof. Dr. Janmejaya Nayak Prof. Dr. Rabindra Kumar Jena

Facilities Available Including Investigation :

  1. OPD Services (Tuesday & Friday)
  2. Indoor Services: 1 Unit, 20 Beds
  3. Day Care Center: 20 Beds
  4. Bone Marrow Transplant Unit: 2 BMT Rooms with all facilities including Stem Cell Aphaeresis and Stem Cell Storage.
  5. Laboratory with special Hematological Investigations CBC+Diff+ with 18 parameters CBC+Diff+ Retics PT, Aptt, Sr. Fibrinogen, Fibrinogen Degradation Product (D Dimmer) Factor VIII, IX Coagulation inhibitor assay Hemoglobin Cap. Zone electrophoresis Protein Electrophoresis Serum. Immuno Typing Serum Free Light Chain Ratio, Kappa, Lambda estimation Total Acute Leukemia Pannel by Immunofino typing CLL Pannel by Immunopheno typing PNH Clone by Immunopheno typing HLB-A 27 by Flowcytometer Bone Marrow Aspiration Bone Marrow Biopsy LE Cell Phenomena study Routine Hematology Stem Cell Enumeration study by flowcytometer

Extraordinary Recognition Of Faculty (National / International ) :

Dr. R. K. Jena

  1. President, Indian Society of Hematology & Blood Transfusion (ISHBT) for the year 2019-20
  2. Secretary, Easter Hematology Group
  3. FISHBT (Fellow of Indian Society of Hematology & Blood Transfusion)
  4. Member of National Cancer Guideline 2019 for formulation of protocol for Adult Hematolymphoid Malignancies
  5. Expert in Contributing NHM guideline 2016 for Hemoglobinopathy, Ministry of Health, Govt. of India
  6. Committee Member for preparation of guideline for Hemophilia by Ministry of Health (Blood Cell NHM Division) , Govt. of India vide order No. F.NO.Z.18015/05/2015-NBC Dated 7th June 2017
  7. Member to the expert committee for preparation of National Policy on Thalassaemia and other Hemoglobinopathies vide order No. F.NO.Z.28015/103/2015-NBC Dated 8th August 2017, Ministry of Health (Blood Cell- NHM Division) Govt. of India
  8. Committee Member for Blood Task Force NHM, Govt. of Odisha since 2016 ix. Member of Advisory Board of Indian Journal of Hematology & Blood Transfusion since January 2003
Dr. Rabindra Kumar Jena

Dr. Rabindra Kumar Jena
Professor & Head
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Dr. Sudha Sethy

Dr. Sudha Sethy
Associate Professor
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Dr. Rajeeb Kumar Nayak

Dr. Rajeeb Kumar Nayak
Asst. Professor
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Dr. Manamohan Biswal

Dr. Manamohan Biswal
Asst. Professor
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