Name of the Department:

Department of Transfusion Medicine, S.C.B. Medical College & Hospital, Cuttack.

Departmental Overview :

Post Graduate Department of Transfusion Medicine Department of SCB MCH, Cuttack deals with blood collection, processing, and transfusion. This department resolved various transfusion reaction-related problems through an advanced immune-hematology laboratory and patient care support through therapeutic procedures. It is also a NACO-supported training center for providing training to Medical Officers, Nursing officers, and Laboratory Technicians working in Blood centres, reference laboratories in the state, and a research institution. National Medical Commission has recognized two seats for Post-graduate students per year who are being trained here.

Department Started : Department Started By Whom : Current Hod :
2011 Founder & HOD, Dr. Bibhudendu Pati Dr. Smita Mahapatra

Blood Collection:

  1. Mostly Voluntary Non-remunerated blood donors through Organizing Outdoor and in-house VBD Camps.

Blood Processing :

  1. Serology Section: Blood Grouping and Cross-matching using Column Agglutination Technology (CAT Method).
  2. TTI Section: Mandatory screening Test like HIV, HCV, HBsAg, Malaria & Syphillis is done using by ELISA method, CLIA and NAT-PCR.

Blood Component Prepared :

  1. Packed RBC (PRBC)
  2. Leuco reduced Packed RBC (Buffy coat & filter)
  3. Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
  4. Random Donor Platelet (RDP)
  5. Single Donor Platelet (SDP)
  6. Cryo Precipitate (license applied)

Issue of Blood:

  1. To patients in both Government and Private Hospitals. As a Mother Blood center, it issues also has blood units to O&G and SVBPGI (Paediatrics) blood storage units. Blood and its component units are being issued free of cost to patients admitted in Odisha government hospitals only.
  2. Preparation of Paediatric units through Aliquoting.
  3. Leuco-reduced blood units by using Leucofilter to all Thalassemia and Sickle cell patients.

Immuno-hematology Lab:

Advanced referral laboratory towards resolving problems toward blood transfusion in multi-transfused patients like Thalassemia, Sickel cell Diseases, Cancer, and other Hemoglobinopathy disorders.

  1. The discrepancy of Blood Grouping
  2. Coombs /Antiglobulin Test( Direct and Indirect)
  3. Antibody Screening, Identifications, and Titre
  4. Extended Blood Group phenotype
  5. Transfusion reaction work–up


  1. Plateletpheresis (SDP Collection)
  2. Plasmapheresis
  3. Leukapheresis

Therapeutic Support:

  1. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange(TPE)
  2. Therapeutic Erythra-cytapheresis
  3. Therapeutic phlebotomy is done in Polycythemic Vera patients having high haematocrit.

Special Achievement:

  1. Blood Grouping and Cross-matching using fully automated Column Agglutination Technology (CAT Method).
  2. Preparing Buffy coat method luck-reduced Packed RBC and providing to high-risk cases and cancer patients.
  3. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in Neurological patients.
  4. Therapeutic Erythrocytapheresis in Sickle cell patients.
  5. Immuno-hematological workup in Transplant patients.
  6. Peripheral Blood Stem cell (PBSC) collection.
  7. We have saved 700 units of blood from the advanced allotment system mechanism.

Upcoming Facility: (Under Process)

  1. HLA Laboratory
  2. Irradiation

Educational Facility:

  1. Departmental Library with Access to online journal
  2. Regular Seminars of faculties and Post-graduate residents
  3. Continuing Medical Education on a regular basis

Training of Medical Officers & Lab Technicians on Modern Blood banking Technology throughout the state.

Ongoing research project :

  1. The “ Association of Blood Group incompatibility with Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia in Hemolytic Diseases of Fetus and Newborn”intra mural project is going on in collaboration with MRU SCBMCH, Cuttack.

Extraordinary work, innovations, protocols, etc.

  1. Plasma Bank for treating moderately severe COVID-19 patients was established in the Department of Transfusion Medicine on 15.07.2020 1st time in the state of Odisha.
  2. A total number of 1037 number of Post COVID-19 donors donated convalescent plasma(CP).
  3. A total of 2389 CP units collected and were issued to COVID Patients.
  4. Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha Sri Naveen Patnaik also congratulated the Plasma Bank team on achieving this noble work.
  5. The achievement of the first Therapeutic Plasmapheresis started in this Department which is also appreciated by Hon’ble Chief Minister Odisha.

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Dr. Smita Mahapatra

Dr. Smita Mahapatra
Professor And HOD
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Dr. Susmita Behera

Dr. Susmita Behera
Associate Professor
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Dr. Binay Bhusan Sahoo

Dr. Binay Bhusan Sahoo
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