Name of the Department:

Department of Transfusion Medicine, S.C.B. Medical College & Hospital, Cuttack.

Departmental Overview :

• Blood collection:

1. In-house Blood collection in Phlebotomy Section.
2. Out-door voluntary Blood Donation camp.

• Blood Processing:

1. Serology Section
2. Transfusion Transmitted Infections(TTIs) section
3. NAT-PCR (Nucleic Acid Amplification- Polymerase Chain reaction) Section
4. Component preparation section

• Blood Issue:

1. Catering the need of the patients admitted to SCBMCH, Cuttack, AHRCC, Cuttack and private nursing homes
2. Serves as Mother Blood Bank of two blood storage units, one at O & G Department , SCB MCH, Cuttack and other at SVPPGIP (Sishubhawan), Cuttack.
3. Issue of Blood to Thalassemia & other Hemoglobinopathy patients on regular basis admitted in the day care unit of Clinical Hematology Department, SCBMCH, Cuttack.

• Immuno-Hematology Lab:

1. To resolve cases of blood group discrepancies, AIHA(Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia).
2. Perform Coombs Test( Direct & indirect), Antibody screening, Antibody identification, Antenatal work up etc.
3. To deal with Transfusion reactions work up.

• Apheresis Section:

1. Providing Single Donor Platelet (SDP) to thrombocytopenic patients.
2. Performing Therapeutic Phlebotomy.

• Plasma Bank: Performing Plasmapheresis and supplying Convalescent Plasma to moderate to  severe COVID 19 positive patients not responding to Oxygen therapy.
Department Started : Department Started By Whom : Current Hod :
2011 Founder & HOD, Dr. Bibhudendu Pati Prof. Dr. Pankaj Parida
• Facilites Available Including investigation:
  1. Blood grouping, Cross matching
  2. Coombs Test, Antibody screening, Antibody identification
  3. Supply of Whole Blood, Packed Red Blood Cells, Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP), Random Donor Platelet (RDP)
  4. Single Donor Platelet (SDP)
  5. Convalescent Plasma (COVID-19).
  6. Resolving Blood Group discrepancy.
  7. Transfusion reactions work up.
  8. Minor Blood Group Phenotyping
  9. Exchange transfusion
  10. Therapeutic phlebotomy
  11. Quality Control of Blood and Blood Components.
Dr. Smita Mahapatra

Dr. Smita Mahapatra
Incharge HOD
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Dr Rashmita Panigrahi

Dr Rashmita Panigrahi
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